Things to note before booking

Gosling's Landing Terms & Conditions

By staying at Gosling’s Landing, all guests must agree to the following terms and conditions. We have the right to terminate the booking of any guest who tries to pull a funny move on these.

*Please note that unlike most commercial hostels, we are more of a comfy home/ co-living space. We expect guests to respect the space as well as the people in it. We are not always at the front desk or on site, but guests can reach us by phone or email and we're happy to help as we can!

Guests should call/email in advance or book online to make a reservation.
Guests should be between the ages of 19-35 years.
Guests may be asked to provide valid government issued ID upon arrival.
Bookings should be for 2-8 nights.

Check-in time: 2pm (latest check in time for a shared dorm is 11pm. Guests may be charged for a late arrival)
Check-out time: 11am (Guests may be charged for a late check out)
Guests are allowed to use the common area after check out and store their bags in the common area/ common area lockers. All their belongings should be cleared out of their room by check-out time.
Late check-outs from the room may result in guests being charged for an additional night.
Guests may be charged for any damaged property/items or wild mess/stains.

A deposit of 15% is collected from the guest to confirm their reservation. This fee is non-refundable.
The remainder of the booking fee is collected from the guest upon arrival or automatically collected.
If guests change their booking (number of guests, number of nights, or room type), the price will be adjusted accordingly.

Guests must cancel at least 48 hours before their scheduled arrival date, otherwise they may be charged for their first night.
Guests who cancel on the day of arrival may be charged for their entire stay.
If a guest does not arrive by 11am the day following their scheduled arrival date and does not get in touch with us, their reservation will be cancelled.
We may charge guests for the full first night if they do not show up.

Quiet hours are between 11pm-9am.
Guests are asked to respect the quiet hours, but to also expect some potential noise created by others in their room or in the common area outside their room before/after the hours.

Each bed is suited for one guest only and there should not be more than one person in each. Extra guests will be charged for their stay.
Guests can choose from available beds and may not get their bunk level of choice (top/bottom).
Guests should not switch bunks without permission.
Guests should be considerate of others in the room, especially when coming in and out.
There’s always a possibility that your roommate snores or produces an unfamiliar smell.

Guests are allowed up to two friends/visitors in the hostel at a time and should get in touch with us in advance to let us know.
Visitors are allowed only in the common area between 10am-10pm and must be accompanied by a guest with a booking.
Visitors are not allowed in any of the dorm rooms.
We have the right to ask visitors to leave at any time.

No sneaking in extra guests.
No illegal streaming or downloading - our Internet provider is watching us.
Illegal substances are not permitted on the property.
Guests who appear under the influence of illegal drugs may be asked to leave.
Guests may consume alcohol in the common area at their own risk, but may be asked to leave if disturbing other guests.
Vaping or smoking of any kind is not allowed inside the property.
We are a no drama zone. Guests are asked to come to us as soon as possible with any issues or complaints, and we will do our best to resolve them.
Guests don’t always have to like one another, but in our house, they’ve got to respect one another. Chill vibes only please :)

We have a keyless system and use keypad locks for the main entrance and room doors. Guests are provided with the codes before or upon arrival. They are not to share their secret codes with anyone else.
Guests are allowed to come in and out of the hostel at any hour using the provided codes. They are just asked to be mindful of those who may be sleeping if returning at late hours.

Guests are responsible for keeping their valuables safe and for the insurance of their own belongings. We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.

Guests are responsible for taking measures to keep themselves safe and well both on and off our property. We are not responsible for any injury or sickness of our guests.

Due to unforeseeable circumstances such as a flood, we may cancel reservations for the safety of our guests.
If a guest provides false ID or ID that is not their own, we have the right to cancel their reservation.
For the safety and comfort of all guests, we reserve the right to cancel or refuse the reservation of any guest we find to be causing harm or discomfort to another guest.

And that's all, folks. If you're chill, we're chill. We hope to see you soon!

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