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We know that it's not always easy to make new friends and meet other travellers while you're on the go. So we host several events and activities at Gosling's Landing to give our guests more opportunities to meet one another, find friends to explore the city with, or even make long lasting friendships. Check out our list of weekly/monthly events and get in touch if you'd like to take part!

Boardgame Night

Sunday, May 19th ~ 4:00pm-6:00pm

Boardgames are great for bringing people together, stirring up a bit of competition, and also creating a lot of laughter. What better way to spend a Sunday evening! We've got a few of our favourite games, but feel free to BYO boardgames :)
Please RSVP to hello@goslingslanding.ca to save a spot at the table :)

More Events

Boardgames Night

Got that competitive edge or just want to have some fun? Join us for some boardgames :)

Family Potluck

Everyone is welcome to cook or buy back some food to share around the dining table. Join in on the feast!

Neighbourhood Tour

Join us for a free tour through Graffiti Alley, Kensington Market, Chinatown, and Queen Street West. We'll find a place along the way for a lunch stop!

*Tours run if there are 3 or more guests

Pancake Brunch

All you can eat pancakes for $5. Yum!

Past Events

Gosling's Landing Opening Night - April 5th, 2019
Family Dinner & Boardgames Night - May 1st, 2019
Pancake Brunch & Neighbourhood Tour - May 11th, 2019

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