Working holiday visa? Join us!

February 2020

You: moving to Toronto for work, needs a cozy place to stay, loves to meet cool people, practicing your English, apartment hunting, job hunting, brings the chill vibes

Us: we’ve got just what you’re looking for :)

If you’re coming to Canada to work (or to “work”), Gosling’s Landing is a great place to stay in Toronto! Whether you're planning to settle for a while or just a week or two while you figure out your plans, we'd love to have you join us. You’ll meet plenty of people in the same flock as you, here to explore this beautiful country while making a few bucks along the way ($$).

We’re more than just a place to sleep, but an awesome community of travellers, locals, bunkmates, and cooking buddies offering support to one another. Our staff and fellow Goslings can share advice with you on finding an apartment, opportunities to work, and great tips on navigating the city, including the best places to buy your groceries. Germany, France, South Korea, Spain… these are a few places where our current working-holidayers are from and we’re excited to welcome new guests to our nest (^v^).

So, let us know your plans (when you expect to land and how long you plan to stay) and we’ll be happy to tell you more about what we offer. We’ll welcome you with open wings!

What we're good for:
Weekly rates for dorm rooms
Booking flexibility
Social events
Surprise snacks
Complimentary coffee and tea all day long
Comfy common space
Great location
Awesome community
Chill vibes

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