How to prepare for hostel-life

November 2019

Hostels are great for many reasons. They are more affordable, you can meet tons of cool people, and they offer a great atmosphere that you won't find in hotels. However, hostels might not be for everyone.

If you're new to hosteling, here are some tips for what to bring and things to consider when staying in a shared accommodation so you can make each night as comfortable as possible for you and everyone around!

  • Pack some earplugs or noise canceling headphones in case you're rooming with the occasional snorer.
  • Bring a sleeping mask if you are easily woken by light.
  • Pack a padlock to store valuables in the locker.
  • Bring a pair of flipflops or slippers for the showers and room.
  • If you're coming from abroad, you may need a travel adapter.

  • Make good use of the kitchen if you're traveling on a budget. Look for complimentary snacks :)
  • Hang out in the common area if you're feeling social.
  • Don't be afraid to strike up a conversation with a fellow bunkmate or guest. Odds are, they are eager to chat too.
  • Avoid talking on your phone in the room, especially during quiet hours. You might wake up to a frown.
  • If you know you're a snorer, consider booking a private room.
  • Practice good hygiene. Shower and do your laundry as needed.
  • Remember that you are sharing a room with others, so be considerate and expect some possible disturbance.
  • Pack your good vibes and head on over!

Have other tips to suggest? Let us know!

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