#StayHome at Gosling's Landing: What's available during COVID-19

April 2020

It’s been over a month since we began our quarantine here at Gosling’s Landing and despite being considered by our guests “a great place to self-isolate”, we are all hoping things get better very soon! In the meantime...

Now that some time has passed, we are slowly opening up again for reservations in our mixed dorm rooms. These dorms, that normally would be full with 4 or 6 guests in each, have been limited to 2 guests in each (so there’s plenty of space to keep 2 meters apart from one another).

Our big, cozy common area is also great for distant interactions for if/when guests need some love. There’s an awesome one seater couch right next to the window that is great for passing time and pondering life. We have a well-equipped kitchen that guests are welcome to use to prepare meals to pass the hours. Complimentary coffee and tea are also available to get you through the tough times!

While we look forward to adding to our little quarantine crew, it's also important that we keep oursevles and our guests safe, happy, and healthy, so we will be reviewing all booking requests to make sure we're the right place for new guests.

If you’re in Toronto looking to downsize or in need of a new place to quarantine, please get in touch or book through our site!

*Guest requirements:
- You must have been living in Toronto for at least one month
- You must practice social distancing
- You must be in good health and showing no signs of COVID-19
- You must be considerate of the space and fellow guests
- Minimum length of stay is one month

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