How Gosling's Landed

Hello! My name is Wengsi, co-nester of Gosling's Landing. It's always been a dream of mine to open a hostel in Toronto where I was born and raised. I've done a lot of solo travelling in recent years and have stayed in over 60 hostels all around the world. I love to meet people from different cultures and share travel stories. Some of the most awesome friends that I've made have been in hostels, and for me, the people are what truly shape the experience. I also know how tough it can be to start up in a new place or be on the road for weeks on end with no return ticket and booking hostels on the go. So through Gosling's Landing, I hope to create a home away from home for other adventurous travellers who are passing through my city.

It's been a few months of renovations and planning, but with the help of family and friends, Gosling’s Landing is now ready for guests looking for a safe and comfortable place to settle for a few days or weeks!

Our Name

Gosling:   a baby goose (in our case, a baby Canadian goose) and coincidentally the last name of the famous Canadian heart throb, Ryan Gosling. We are still waiting for either of them to visit!

The name “Gosling’s Landing” came about during lunch one day with my good friend, Jack. We were thinking of something Canadian and this name stuck right away!


84 Augusta Avenue was built in the early 70's and started off as the new location of St. Christopher House (known today as West Neighbourhood House), a community centre providing social services in Toronto. It later became a Taiwanese community centre that organized several events and offered support to newcomers to the city from Taiwan. Prior to becoming Gosling’s Landing, it had been converted into a residential/storage space. While the building has experienced quite a bit of change on the inside, it has more or less maintained its exterior vibes from almost 50 years ago!

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